Monday, April 4, 2011

Reece’s Rainbow

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If you have a Twitter account please go check out Reece’s Rainbow. This is a website that features Down Syndrome children who are in need of adoption internationally. It isn't an adoption agency. What they do is feature these gorgeous children and help raise funds towards their adoption.

For every new Twitter follower actress Patricia Heaton is donating a dollar towards this awesome organization. Please take just a moment to help such a terrific cause. Thanks bunches! Have a blessed week :D


  1. I'm a new follower from the hop! What a wonderful thing to ppst for all us newbies. I went over and follower their page on Twitter. Please stop by my blog sometime.

  2. Thank you for using your blog to share this with us! I'm following from the Blog Hop. Come visit me back!

    Michelle @ Things Sent My Way

  3. visiting via the alexa blog hop!
    please visit me @

    xo, shari

  4. Hi! On the blog hop trail. Hoping you'll follow me back:

    P.S. Please leave a comment, so I know it was you!

  5. I will certainly head over now! And how great for Patricia Heaton to do that.

  6. New follower of Reece's Rainbow! Thanks for letting us know about this!

    Stopping by from the Alexa Hop!

    Johanna at Mama Chocolate
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