Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Elmer's Can You Top This Challenge #canyoutopthis

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Fun City Backdrop For Imaginative Play Time


Elmer’s Tri-Fold cardboard display
Elmer’s glue sticks
Green and blue construction paper
Paper cutter
Cotton Balls

Confessions of an Overworked Mom has an awesome contest going on right now. She has challenged her readers to create something using a Elmer’s Tri-Fold cardboard display. When I read about it I instantly came up with the idea to make a city backdrop for Little Bit to play with. How much fun would it be to play cars with a city backdrop? So I headed to my favorite store to get some supplies.

Of course I needed the Elmer’s Tri-Fold cardboard display

and some construction paper. Then I headed home to start my project. I used my scissors and paper cutter to cut out small pieces for the windows of the buildings.

Then I used my Elmer's glue stick to past the windows unto black construction paper. I varied the sizes of the buildings to make the backdrop more realistic.

After my buildings were complete I glued down the back drop. I used blue construction paper for the sky with a cheerful sun and green for the grass my buildings would sit on. I had declared my project done when my husband chimed in with a great suggestion. Why not put some clouds on there with cotton balls? Brilliant! We worked together because at that point my fingers were pretty sticky. Whala! Here is the finished project.

But would it pass a strenuous inspection by quality control?

Yep! Little Bit gives his seal of approval!

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