Sunday, December 5, 2010

30 Day Giving Challenge Wrap Up Post

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Mammamoiselle asked her readers to "blog about something charitable that you do during the holiday season." After completing the 30 day giving challenge this request hit a cord within me. Why is it people only expect us to be charitable during the holidays? Kind of a sad state of affairs really. The only time we are "expected" to "do the right thing."

I am so grateful for this challenge and for the fact that it has solidified my hunch that my spiritual gift is giving. I adored almost every moment of this challenge. There were a few times when my will was against that of the Lord but I relented. Sweet surrender proved to have a bounty of gifts for me.

So in response to Mammamoiselle I say this. I plan on continuing to live generously. I plan on giving to the poor, providing comfort whenever I see a need, using the resources my Lord has blessed me with to bless others, and live a life that will glorify my Lord. Not only will I do these things through the 25th of December I will carry on and use my spiritual gift for the rest of the days that the Lord gives me in this place. Amen.


  1. Wow, this sounds like an amazing challenge! Isn't it funny how the more you give, the more you have? Good on you for being inspired to continue giving!!

  2. The December Amazon Giveaway featuring your blog is now up!

  3. You're right Social Studies Momma - Made me think!! I think it's more that people talk about giving back more during the holiday season. I think there are lots of people that are charitable during the entire year, but the holidays and being thankful make us think a bit more about what it is we do to give back. I agree - those things should be happening all year long and we should be talking about it all year long. As a former school counselor, I ran a service learning program that taught students to think about service every day of the year. Very insightful post :) Thanks!