Thursday, November 11, 2010

30 Day Giving Challenge - Day 9 and 10

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When my Granddaddy was dying of bone cancer Blue Ridge Hospice came to my Grandparents home and helped out. I was only in 3rd grade but I still remember the impact of their presence. They were fantastic. I adore these people. It takes a very special person to continually serve people who are terminally ill. I can't imagine facing that every day. It makes my heart heavy just thinking about it. God bless these people for easing others suffering during such a traumatic time.

My local Hospice has several thrift stores that they use to raise money to fund their service. It is always a pleasure to give to them and I usually leave there with something to replace the something I gave. Today I dropped off a bunch of teaching clothes. I am a Momma now and have no plans of ever entering the work force again. Someone else will be blessed by my designer duds. I found a very neat handmade wooden toy for Little Bit, a pair of Gymboree pants, and some baby snow/ski pants. That was day nine.

On day ten I mailed my super cute newlywed cousin a few Christmas ornaments.

Her and the hubs ADORE their pups. They remind me of Nick and I when we were first married. Pups treated as children and such. When I came across some neat dog themed ornaments they screamed buy me for your cousins! So I did and on the tenth day of giving I mailed them to Tennessee. I cant wait to hear if she liked them.

A third of the way down and the Lord is blessing every single day. I am not planning to the point of madness. I am listening to him whisper in my ear. Today you will give this and I obey. It feels great to obey!

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