Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Day Giving Challenge - Day 8

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My husband LOVES apple pie and he especially loves my apple pie. Last year when I was pregnant and nesting hard core I learned how to make a dern good pie crust.

Hubs was hooked. Since I was all nesty I was baking all the time. There were constantly fresh goodies around the house.

Since I had gestational diabetes most of the goodies went to hubs and with hubs to work. I think I probably fattened up his office pretty well. Since Little Bit has come along I have not had the time or energy to continue with my baking tirade. Hubs has only had one pie in nine months. Now that we are in the midst of wonderful fresh Virginia apples he has been asking quite frequently for an apple pie.

Today when Mom and Dad took Little Bit for their weekly shopping extravaganza I used my Mommy time to make Hubs a pie.

I sent him a picture and he was quite happy. He got home from work and inhaled his dinner all the while eye balling that pie.

Two pieces later he was a happy guy. It was nice to make my husband so happy with such a simple thing. Something I made with my own hands with things I had around the house. Giving doesn't always have to be monetary it just has to come from the heart. Day eight down and now I am here looking at day nine. Where will the Lord lead me to give today? How is the Holy Spirit guiding your life right now? Have a blessed day everyone!

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