Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 Day Giving Challenge - Day 4

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Have you ever noticed how the mere presence of a child will brighten most any situation? My Little Bit nine months old now and he lightens up any situation. Today hubs, Little Bit, and I drove two hours for a surgery consult for me. It was a long trip and I have been pretty nervous about the whole thing. I have a mass in my abdomen and a CT Scan showed that I have an intussusception.

Five years ago I had gastric bypass. I lost 115 pounds. It has been an amazing gift from God. A chance to reclaim my life. The ability to have my beautiful son, to finish college, and to be much healthier. With such a surgery sometimes comes a price. For me this intussusception is most likely just that.

The office that initially did my Gastric Bypass is located out of the University of Virginia hospital. They are one of the best in the country. The only down fall is the long drive. Today I was cranky, tired, and stressed. Hubs had to drop Little Bit and I off at the main entrance because there was no parking at the building we were in. I had a horrible time finding the surgery center. Around every turn someone smiled at me and talked to Little Bit. I reminded myself of how happy my son made everyone even though I wanted to snap at them. When we finally got to the waiting room the lady checking in behind me kneeled down and talked with Little Bit. After we sat down the lady continued to talk with Little Bit and smile at him. He blessed her today. I was going to leave him with my cousin today but, hubs and I decided to bring him along. In the room Little Bit was not nearly as nice as he was in the exam room but, he did bless that lady in the waiting room. That is my gift for day four. I endured my screaming nine month old for several hours in a little exam room. Before he grew little demon horns he made a lady who was having surgery smile. It's not much but it's all I have after a long and weary day.

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