Friday, November 5, 2010

30 Day Giving Challenge - Day 5

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I love thrift stores. I love shopping at them, donating to them, and the purpose behind them. Today Little Bit and I donated some of his baby toys to the Seed For the Nations Thrift Store.

I found their website today and I am even more pleased that we chose this thrift store. Here is a quote about where their profits go "All profits go towards supporting community, regional, national, and international ministry efforts."

I was also lucky enough to find this gorgeous sleeper sofa today for 75 dollars!

The sofas I was looking at were around 1000 bucks. Imagine what I can give with the 925$ I saved. This sofa is in perfect condition. I cant wait for Hubs to bring it home tomorrow. When he picks it up he will donate our old couch. This is such an easy way to give so much. Day four down! Lets keep the giving going!

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