Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Day Giving Challenge - Day 3

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When I was a teenager I worked at the local market. I saw all kinds of people frequent the store. Rich people passing through to the ski resorts, local folks getting bread and milk, and some especially poor people who live in our area. Our little market allows people to put groceries on a charge ticket. This allows local people to still get their essentials while they wait for their monthly check. Often times I would notice the poorest of these people were elderly.

There was one woman who always touched my heart. She is a small statured mild mannered sweet lady. She lives in a trailer with her disabled son. She would do little things to supplement her income. She would sell cracked walnuts or mushrooms she found in the woods. As a teenager I would bake her cookies at Christmas time.

Today my Mom works at the little market I used to work at over ten years ago. The same little old lady still comes in and still charges things until she gets her monthly check. Things have gotten worse for this woman. She came to my Father and sold him some of her collectible coins to have enough money for bread. Of course my Dad bought the coins and gave her much more than they are worth. Hubs and I anonymously gave her a cash gift to help her get by.

Today we stopped at the market to see Mom and I asked if the lady had a store ticket. She did and I gladly paid it off. I did so anonymously and with much love in my heart. I am so happy and blessed to be able to help her. This is my gift for today. What a blessing to give. Three days in to the challenge. I am feeling more and more that my spiritual gift is indeed giving!


  1. What a wonderful gift indeed. And doing it anonymously is by far the best. You've made me smile today.

  2. Debbie your posts make me giggle every day :D

  3. You are an amazing individual, what a kind and generous gift. You definitely made my day.

  4. Amazing that I have finally found my spiritual gift. I have been searching for quite some time. I am feeling pretty blessed right now :D