Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crazy Wonderful Life

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Oh my it's been so long since I have posted to my personal blog. I created another blog for giveaway entries, Giveaway Girly, and I have been slacking here. There have been so many things going on. I do love this time of year. When festivals and yard sales are in full swing. There is so much to do. Now with Little Bit here there is doubly as much! I love it.

There is a little town down the way from us that has a festival every year right before or right after my birthday. Going with Mom and Nick is part of my birthday present. This year we took Little Bit as well. Isn't he a cute firefighter? Dad doesn't go because squirrel season is in and my Dad loves, loves, LOVES hunting squirrels. It was a good time. Little Bit enjoyed all the people, the parade, and the half a cup of ice cream Nana managed to feed him before we caught her shoveling so fast. Bad Nana! Little Bit loved it though.

Now it's time to start visiting fruit markets and pumpkin patches. I love fall! I accredit it to the fact that I was born on the first day of fall. It was meant to be. The weather here is lovely during fall. The humidity settles down, it cools down, and the gorgeous leaves turn into a kaleidoscope of natures beauty.

I am hoping to get some sort of baby wrap to take Little Bit hiking. We have a Baby Bjorn but it is so stiff and long. I am only 5'2'' tall so it is super bulky on me. Any other vertically challenged ladies out there who can give me a recommendation? Do you enjoy fall? Are there lots of fun things to do in the fall where you live?

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  1. I live in the land of one season, but when I lived on the East Coast and in the North WEST I LOVED fall best of all for all the things you have been doing!