Monday, August 16, 2010

A New Stove

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Have you ever had what you thought was a really great idea that was in fact a really dumb idea? To make it worse has your husband ever agreed that said idea was brilliant? Last year Nick and I had one of these joint dumb ideas. We wanted to clean the burners on our gas stove. I thought, hey why not put them in the dishwasher. Nick said, brilliant! So off we went putting them in the dishwasher. They came out super clean but when we went to turn them on guess what happened? You guessed it. Click, click, click. Well they did turn on. After you hit them. With a skillet. Multiple times...

You would have thought that alone would have prompted us to purchase a new range. Oh no, I am to cheap for that. Last week I asked Nick to preheat the oven to cook some lunch. He turned it on, flipped the dial to 400 degrees, waited fifteen minutes, and them went back to throw the pan in the oven. He said, I can stick my hand all the way in the oven and it's not even warm. Bleck! I think the heating element had died.

We went about the business of finding a new stove. Nicks brother works at Lowes and always has good advice about reliable appliances. We ended up buying a Whirlpool gas stove. It has five burners on top which is pretty cool. The one thing I demanded my new oven have is that would self-clean. Is it weird that I am excited to clean my new oven? The last neat feature on it is that the broiler is inside the oven. I never used the broiler in my old oven because it is at floor level. Having four inside dogs and most of them are mixed with lab you can just imagine the kind of ickiness inside that broiler. One the new oven you just push a button on the range and presto it is now a broiler! Neat huh? Under the oven where the broiler would be is a small drawer. Not sure if I will use it or not but it is neat.

Here I am sitting and waiting while the guys from my propane company hook up my new toy. Nick wants me to cook some rolls in it to christen it. I of course want to bake some cookies!


  1. I am sure I don't get a vote, but I would vote cookies if I did.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier.

    I have one of those drawers under the stove in our new the old. The kids told me it wasn't home unless there was a rotten onion in there.

    Housekeeper of the year here.

  2. We made cookies and then bread for dinner. I guess we both won ;D

    I know what you mean about housekeeper of the year. You should have seen what was under that old stove. OMG! I was so embarrassed. Hubs assured me the fellas from Lowes had seen much worse but I was mortified.

  3. Hey there, thanks for stopping by. I'm here to follow you back. How nice to meet you... will be back soon to read more...:)


  4. Ours broke a few months ago and we were able to replace the heating element on our for about 25 bucks. If it's fixable maybe you could get a few bucks on craigs list for your old one!

    Grats on the new oven! =)

  5. I got a "new to me" one a few months ago and love it. Sadly, it is broken right now but I am hoping it will be fixed soon.
    Hope you enjoy yours.

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  7. I want a new stove so badly! We have an electric one and it is a pain in the behind to clean.. :(