Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm getting a Bugaboo!

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A boon of living near Northern Virginia is the stellar deals on Craigslist. Today Hubs is picking up a Bugaboo stroller for me. Here is what I am getting:

Bugaboo Chameleon:
Chassis with wheels
Seat/Bassinet frame
Seat fabric
Bassinet fabric
Tailored fabric (sun canopy, apron, and inlay)
Multi-use Carry Handle, compatible with bassinet and seat
Aerosleep mattress
Underseat bag
Sun canopy (mine is red fleece)
Rain cover
Mosquito net
DVD and user guide

Bugaboo Breezy Sun canopy in yellow fleece
Bugaboo Graco carseat adapter
Bugaboo Fleece throw
Bugaboo cup holder
Additional cup holder

All this retails for well over 800 dollars. We are picking it up for 275$ When I was preggers we researched to death what stroller/carseat combo to get. We got the Chico because it was rated highest for safety. Now months later Little Bit has almost outgrown the super safe baby seat and the stroller is only functional in stores and on hard surfaces. This poses a problem because for one we live on a gravel road. It is nearly impossible to push the Chico stroller comfortably on our road. I have high hopes for my new to me Bugaboo Chameleon. Do you have a Bugaboo? If not what is your favorite stroller? Happy strollin'!

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