Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To Market To Market To Buy A Little Cow

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When I was in middle school my Granny passed away and my Mom and Dad bought her house. It was a looong way away, erm well next door. She had a barn and several acres of land with the house. My Mom grew up in town but always had an unhealthy fascination with farming. She turned my Granny's little place into a farmette. Over the years she has raised cows, chickens, goats, a peacock, some potbellied pigs, pigeons, and a whole host of other critters. My Mom loves to tinker in farming. She never makes any money from it and only ever eats the eggs the chickens lay. She is a big softie.

Presently the main field is not being used for anything but growing hay. The picture is our side yard, my garden and beyond the fence is the main field. Technically the main field is ours. We were given the land that my Mom and Dads trailer was on before they moved into Granny's house for a wedding gift. We tore out the old trailer and built a house there. We signed life time grazing rights over to my folks. Like I said it is sitting empty and has been for a few years.

Mom has been getting the itch to get back into raising baby calves for a little while now. Nick and I talked about it and we thought why not raise one and then have it butchered? We could split the meat between ourselves and my parents. We would buy the calf, the milk for the calf, plus grain and Mom would raise it. We know someone who could take it to the butchering facility for us when the time comes.

I talked it over with Mom and she was on board. She said the one condition was that come time to butcher she didn't want to have anything to do with THAT. Poor thing she does love animals so. This should save us all a ton of money on meat in a few years. I will keep you all updated on the progress of our little endeavor. Any one else out there raise their own meat or have chickens for eggs? Happy farming!

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