Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Bread Store

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Another place I have found to save moolah is the day old bread store. Today I got all the bread shown here for 12$ plus tax. Nick likes the whole grain breads which tend to be pricey. At the bread store I get them 3 for 3$. I load up and store them in my deep freezer. They also have breakfast sweets at the bread store. When it is our turn to bring fixins for the Church breakfast this is a great place to load up. Sometimes they even run B1G1 free on Entamens pastries. The bread is great if you use it within a 3 days or so. Nick could live on bread so this certainly isn't a problem for us. A great way to cut your grocery bill if you have one of these stores near you!

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  1. Holy bread! What a steal too. Hey I posted that post about Walgreens and gave your blog a shout out:) Thanks for the prompt.