Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Couponing and a lesson learned

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I have new addiction/hobby. Couponing! Of course it is a natural progression when you start Mommy blogging to want to try to score some of the great bargains you see on other blogs. For some reason I have been scared to try this out. What if the cashiers are mean? What if the people behind me get mad?

Then I said the heck with it and I gave it a try last week. My first attempt was pretty good. My final bill was half of what I would have paid at full price. This week was better. Yesterday I scored a money maker at Target with some candy bars on clearance and made 7 cents on each of the two I bought. Yay for me! Although I did mess up and didn't catch it when the cashier didn't give me my free bottle of Nivea body wash for Nick. It's a learning process.

Here's where I get really nerdy though. You know what is the most fun about all of it? Clipping and organizing the coupons! I love to organize stuff. Putting things in neat little containers enthralls me. I recycled one of my binders from college and bought some baseball card plastic page protectors and have been happily sorting and filing every since.

I have already run into the rude cashier and huffy person but you know it wasn't all that bad. It made me more sad than nervous. Why do people get so upset when a Mom tries to save money to help her family out? From my Bible study group the best answer I have come up with is that we are selfish beings. We always focus on "I" statements. "I" don't want to wait for this woman with all her coupons. "I" am in a hurry. You know most times I find myself making the I'm in a hurry comment I really am not in that big of a rush.

We all need to refocus on whats important. God is the focus. When he is the center of our lives these me and I statements decrease and we love and serve others more. That is my goal. I want to come at all things from a place of love and understanding. To live a joyful life and be filled with the living waters.

Do you love couponing? Have any good tips? Any goals the Lord is leading you toward?

Happy couponing and happy living!


  1. Good luck with the couponing efforts! I like organizing them, too. I print them off from www.mypoints.com and then get points for using them - and save money! But I'm not very dilligent about it.

    PS...thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway!

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  4. Coupons I use frequently I keep in an envelope in my purse. Joann Fabrics and Michael's Crafts have a weekly 40% off coupon that is good. Often I have extra and pass it to someone in line. I sign up on email at places like Ballards, Restoration Hardware and Kirklands, because they offer extra sales to their online subscribers.
    Concerning what I'm working on spiritually. I am trying to accept the things I can't change, but when the stakes are high it can be difficult to master. So I also pray for a positive outcome and the strength to be steady, make good decisions and be a positive example.

    P.S. Sorry for the deletes ~ typos

  5. Good for you! I wish I could commit more time to it and most times we don't have as good of deals as you ladies in the US seem to get. I do try though because it is important to make the money stretch. I like the organizing too. :)