Monday, March 8, 2010


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Let me start by saying I love jewelry. Love, love, love jewelry! One of my favorite items in my jewelry box is a pearl necklace Nick got me a few years back. It is a beautiful strand of white freshwater pearls. Very pretty, very classic and conservative. The white pearls are perfect for church and when I was teaching. Unfortunatly, I don't really care for them with my normal attire. Now, I wear trouser cut blue jeans and a blouse. Don't get me wrong a set of pearls would look great with what I wear if only they were not white. I have been gently hinting to Nick for some time now that I want a strand of black pearls. Alas, my subtle hints have not worked. "Nick I want a strand of black pearls!" What's a girl to do? Enter giveaways of course!

The Bragging Mommy has a 6.5-7.0 mm Black Akoya Pearl Necklace AA+ in winner's choice of 16" or 18." Squeeeeeeeeeee! Oh how my heart leapt for joy when I saw this in my email. Go over to Pearl Paradise and check out my favorite pearl necklace. What is your fav piece from their website? Happy drooling!


  1. Those are some beautiful black pearls! Now I have my wheels rolling in my head...think I'm going to ask for some black pearls for my next anniversary. lol

  2. They are just perfect for everyday wear! You also don't see a lot of people wearing them. I love different jewelry.