Sunday, March 7, 2010

Faux pa?

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Okay my lovely blogging pals I have a question for you. Is it faux pa to enter giveaways, win them, and then re-gift them to friends and family? I never enter anything that I don't have a want or need for. That want or need is not always aimed at myself though. Is it bad manners to give things away as gifts that I did not pay for? I mean I worked for them, sort of. I must confess I do love blogging and entering giveaways. When I win something that is intended for someone else that doubles the fun!

Today I am entering to win the primitive sign in the picture. Isn't it neat? My Mom lives in a house that is over a hundred years old and her house is mostly decorated with primitives. She especially loves signs. Whenever we go out to country shops she always heads straight for the signs. This would be a perfect gift for Easter or Mothers Day. Head over to Kountry Bumpkins' Signs of Patriotism and check out the giveaway and her Etsy shop has loads of other neat primitive signs. Happy re-gifting!

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