Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Diaper Bag Disaster

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My bouncing baby boy is due in less than 30 days so I have been busily getting everything ready for his arrival. I packed my hospital bag and then I packed his diaper bag. Several months ago Mom bought me a beautiful diaper bag that I absolutely could not live without. It is black with little white polka dots. Oh it was so cute, which is the driving factor in my utter and complete need to have THAT bag. There is a major flaw with my lovely diaper bag though, it is to small. I packed Gabe's bag and it wouldn't even zip closed. I shoved and shoved and still I had no luck closing this exquisite piece of baby art. Then I though oh dear this has no toys or food in it. What am I going to do when I actually need this thing to function?

Over the last month or so since I have been entering giveaways I have come across one company several times that has tweaked my interest. Mrs. Smiths diaper bags are designed with functionality in mind that is followed by great style. It has removable compartments to keep you organized and it converts into a backpack. It also comes in several different patterns for the fashionista in us all. I entered to win a bag at Simply Stacie but even if I don't win I may have to ignore my cheapness and purchase myself one. I mean a baby has to eat and who wants to go anywhere without toys for a fussy baby? Certainly not me! From here on out I think I must evaluate the functionality of baby gear before the cuteness factor. Mommy lesson learned!


  1. Good luck on winning one. I received one for a review and promised that I would donate it.

    I really wanted to keep it. They are nice

  2. Ah congrats! I remember that feeling when I had to pack my twins bags!!! :) I love it when they r so smalll....

    Just to let you know I am adding a post maternity package to my services! Where I can help you fit right back into style!

    contact me for more info