Saturday, December 26, 2009

Officially 9 months preggers!

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Well I hit the nine month mark and we are on the final countdown to the birth of our first child. This is such a strange experience. I am so excited and scared all at once. At the beginning of this pregnancy and throughout the second trimester I confidently told myself and others that I was excited not fearful. After all I am 31 years old, educated, and a confident woman! No small human can scare me! Alas, now I am eating crow pie. The thought of caring for someone who totally relies on me paired with the fact that I will be getting little to no sleep scares the dickens out of me. That fact combined with the mere thought of labor and the pain that brings leads me to one question. Dear LORD can I get an extension on this whole delivery/parenting thing? DH says GOD will say no and ready or not baby Gabriel is ON HIS WAY! Poor baby....


  1. LOL you are going to be fine... we were made for this sort of thing, believe it or not! :) Congrats, and thanks for entering my giveaway today.


  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement :D