Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolutions for 2012: Organization

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1. To be more organized. This one spills over into so many areas of my life. It has implications for the adoption process, eating better, spending more quality time with my family and friends, and the list just goes on. When you think about how disorganization takes over your life and discourages you it's well... discouraging!

Hubs had some great advice on my feelings of being overwhelmed by disorganization. He told me this morning to tackle each task one at a time and not to be dissuaded by the large task but spurred to urgency because of it. What a great perspective changer huh?

My blog is one of those areas where I am feeling disorganized and overwhelmed. I have so many back emails from you wonderful people who I so want to connect with. I said when I started blogging I would ALWAYS respond to every email by visiting that person back and making a thoughtful comment.

Having gotten sick followed by Little Bit being sick followed by Christmas all paired with a gimpy aching shoulder well let's just say I have like a TON of unvisited blogs to go to. One. At. A. Time. Even if those emails are a month old. It's okay. I will visit. I'm just fashionably late.

I had started this post with the intention of making a handy list. Oh well, I guess I was being wordy as usual. Tell me dear friends do you feel overwhelmed by disorganization? What is your number one resolution for 2012?


  1. I do not feel overwhelmed by disorganization. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by being too busy and trying to fit it all in. There are days I wonder if I'll ever get to crochet again because it is on the bottom of the most important thing to do.
    I do find though that doing the things I don't want to do first is the secret to my success as it gets done and it doesn't ruin the rest of my day be dreading to do it.

  2. I feel overwhelmed sometimes getting an area cleaned up. I'm always cleaning but the kids seem to walk behind me messing it back up. By the end of the day? It's looks like I did nothing..LOL Ag. kids, what are you going to do right?

  3. Getting fit and working harder on my blog are my New Years Resolutions. Getting organized sounds like a great one.

  4. Mine is to not lie. Ambitious much?

  5. I would love to be more organized. It seems the older I get the less organized I am.

    My blog is a problem and why I don't get things done around the house.....

  6. i am just having ONE resolution this year- stress less, love more. i have been working on the weight loss for a year now, and will keep on it- and organization....well, irene did a number on that one for me, ay? LOL

  7. Tried to Twitter this, but they're having a glitch...

    You have a very wise husband. His advice is good for everyone!