Tuesday, January 3, 2012


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Earlier this year I bought a new pair of glasses. I went for a pair from a big box store. They were super cheap and cute. I've had them for less than six months and they cost over a hundred dollars including the lenses.

In that six month time frame I have had a screw drop out of my eyeglasses and now as you can see in the photo the lens is popping out of the frame! I am pretty unhappy with the fact that I have to drive a half an hour with a squirmy toddler tomorrow to have them pop them back in for me and tighten the screws yet again.

I live in a pretty rural area. Everything seems to be at least a half hour drive from me and because of that I often buy things online. All of the problems with my current glasses are really leading me towards buying a pair of online eyeglasses.

Where should I buy glasses from though? Clearly, the cheapest frames I could find will not withstand the beating my toddler reigns upon them. I need a store that offers high quality frames and lenses but I also want to be assured that I am getting the best deal out there.

GlassesUSA.com meets all of my stringent requirements. They believe in their glasses so much that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for their products. If you are on the cheap side like me then the 110% low price guarantee is sure to make you smile. Another thing I found cool about their website is the refer a friend program. Why not bank a little cash by showing your pals how to get glasses on the cheap?


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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of GlassesUSA.com. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. I need a new pair of glasses so I need to check them out. Glasses are so expensive these days!

  2. I can relate to having to lug toddlers around to run errands, and the difficulty that it can bring. I'm hoping you can solve this issue quickly!!!

  3. I paid over $500 for my glasses, but then I have Trifocals. Mine are holding up fine though and if I did have problems, Scott Kennedy my Optomitrist would make it right.

  4. Good to know! And I can relate to living in a small town--but I wouldn't have it any other way:).

  5. Just what I am in need of a place to order reasonable glasses from. Grandpa is very hard on his glasses. We are always taking them in for repairs. The last time it took a week to get them back. Perhaps I can order him a second pair on line as a back up.

  6. Well I’m ready to do some hopping today...how about you? I’m one your newest followers from Blog Hop Thursday thanks for the heads up on the discount. I hope you stop by and follow me back http://mavesfaves.blogspot.com/Happy New Year to you

  7. Hi stopping by from Blog Hop Thursday. My husband wears glasses and his sure get a lot of little hands pulling on them. Luckily we thought about that and they have held up pretty good. Have a great day.

    Samantha at http://musingsofmotherhoodwi.blogspot.com/