Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cyber Monday Goodies From #LuvCookies #CBias

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I love to shop. My very favorite person to shop for is Little Bit. Luckily for me he continues to grow and gives this shop happy Momma a pretty valid reason to peruse for awesome deals. When Cyber Monday came around I knew I had to get out there and find some great bargains.

I got a great email and Facebook heads up from of the rocking Cyber Monday sale they were having. There were several codes floating around but either way I was going to get free shipping. Free shipping is kind of a make or break situation for me. I HAAAAAAAAAATE paying for shipping. It bugs me to my core. A percentage off and free shipping was the perfect storm for me.

I headed over to and immediately found their refer a friend program. I would love for all of you to go and check it out. If you sign up using my link we will both get store credits to buy our Little Bit's awesome clothes at great prices!

I had such a great time shopping for new winter clothes for Little Bit. I just couldn't keep my excitment about all those rocking deals to myself so I shared on Twitter, Facebook, and even pinned all of my cute finds on Pinterest. If you would like to see my shopping experience check out my Google + album.

After all was said and done I had purchased some thermals, a long sleeved Levi's shirt, a fleece Cars outfit, some socks, and a play shirt for $33.25. Not to shabby if I do say so myself! I applied my coupon code but had some issues with it. I ended up calling the folks at support. They were terrific. The coupon never did work for me online but the very nice gentleman took care of it for me.  He was super friendly and fast!

Of course, because I am cheap I opted for the free shipping. It took ten business days to get here. I was a little frustrated by that but I am guessing that between the huge amount of orders had and the massive amount of packages the USPS had to deliver was the combined culprit for my long wait. 
It did arrive just in time for the living nativity that all three of use were participating in at Church on Saturday night. I opened the socks and found that my mushy Momma brain had struck once again. They were kids sized socks not toddler sized. It worked out pretty well though they were like boy leggings and kept Little Bit extra warm. 

He wore the super cute Cars outfit to Church that evening. We had all gathered together to share a meal before our little act began. The Church is always cold when you first get there so the fleece did a great job of keeping him warm until the heat started working. 

When it was time to get dressed for the nativity Hubs and I put the thermal long jon pants on Little Bit along with the Cars fleece hoodie. all of that went under his Carhart bibs. He was one warm fella and a pretty cute shepherd if I do say so myself. When we got home I threw the top to the thermals on and he was ready for bed. It's pretty tiring being a shepherd.

This morning Little Bit got to wear his new Levis shirt to Church. It was super cute. When we got home I put him in his new play shirt. 

I really am very pleased with the amount of clothes I got for such great prices at I don't think I could have found such a selection, brand names, and really great prices at any shop in town. I will definitely be shopping there again when I need some spring clothes or if there is a huge growth spurt this winter. Happy shopping everyone! 

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias #LuvCookies All opinions are my very own! 


  1. You ARE a savvy shopper!!! And adorable picture taker, too:).

  2. Love your shop & share! Brings back memories of when my kids were younger; thank you! Great finds!

  3. I am going to have to stop over to Cookiekids and see what they have. I think we all like to shop... must be a girl thing.

  4. Goodness he is so adorable!!! Great pictures! Looks like you got some great deals! I'm cheap too, lol My husband says "if it's free it's for me" I go out of my way to find the lowest price and it's like finding treasure :)

  5. I love your photos especially him being a shepherd. It reminded me of a memory I'd forgotten. When my daughter was 4 months old a little girl at our church asked me if my daughter could be baby Jesus in the play. The little girl was going to be Mary and wanted a real baby instead of a doll. I let her hold her through the play and my daughter never made a sound. Just like in the story of Jesus.
    Thanks for the post, resurrection of a great memory that may have been forgotten other wise and I'm so glad you got some good deals.

  6. He is an ADORABLE shepherd! I don't have a boy, so I never really look at boy's clothes, but the Cookie's Kids selection was so great, I even checked out the stuff for the boys!

  7. Laughing at your cute video...he was quite the

    He makes such a darling little shepherd! You are teaching him good things!

    What is the latest on your adoption?

  8. Such a cute shepherd! I love shopping. I will have to check out Cookies Kids.

  9. Kids are SO much fun to shop for...even when I get to go shopping alone I find myself in the kids section perusing the deals :). Love the Cars outfit especially!