Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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Have you ever heard of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome more commonly known as CRPS? I had never heard of it before I met one of my dear bloggy friends Ross.

Ross is an inspiration. When I first read his blog the writings of Paul jumped out at me. Ross lives with an incredible amount of pain but remains "Painfully Optimistic" because of his trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I encourage you all to visit Ross to find out more about CRPS and to fellowship with a fellow brother in Christ. 


  1. Ross does sound like an inspiration. I've never heard of CRPS.


  2. I am going to head over to meet Russ now. I am always on the look out for other health blogs. Thanks!!

  3. Wow... I have CRPS. I can't believe I've found someone else who does, too. I'm heading over to his blog right now.

  4. I haven't heard of this before, but he is an inspiration for sure. I hope I can remember him when I complain about simple pains.