Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#SSCerra: Giving and Recieving

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I got an intriguing email from Cerra that covered the topic of giving. If you are a long time reader of Social Studies Momma you know that giving is near and dear to my heart. Giving is my spiritual gift from God. Nothing makes me light up quite as much as sharing with others.

For a long time I have had the privilege of being in the role of the giver. The one who can bless others through financial gifts and service. Now in the process of adoption I am finding that role reversed. I am on the receiving end and I am learning to get past my pride. With each gift I am learning to be more humble. Learning to joyfully accept that blessing that someone else has been led to give. If God is leading you to help us with our adoption costs you can click this button.

What a wonderful and unexpected lesson learning to be humble is. I am so thankful for my Lord who takes such an interest in me to continually bless me through His lessons. I am also thankful for the Cerra program which is inspiring and challenging me to consider my whole health. To quote from Cerra: "Cerra™ experiences help you be aware of your thoughts and feelings, act with thoughtful intention, and reflect on your experiences, leading to a happier, more balanced life."

What is your spiritual gift? How do you bless others through giving? Have you ever had to be on the receiving end of a gift and learn to humbly accept it?


  1. There was a lady once that stopped by to pick some fruit off our trees. IN return she'd show up at our door with bags, and bags of food. It went on for Months. I would pick the fruit for her, set it out cause I never knew when she'd be by. Then out of nowhere she showed up with a trunk load of anything from bread, milk cheese, yougurt drinks and even candy. It was a lot. It was so much I ended up taking it to a food shelter. I could never tell her we never needed it, or thanks but non thanks. I felt so blessed that a stranger who just wanted fruit would go out of her way to do all of that, so I started to give just the same to random strangers. It's amazing how things come back to you when you open up and give what you can.

  2. One of my spiritual gifts is service. When I became wheelchair bound I had to search for new ways to serve...the Lord has shown me how to do this! Thanks for your inspiring post!

  3. I am not doing well with receiving- since the flood people are helping, but I feel scared and guilty accepting it. It's really odd- I like to help, I don't like to BE helped, LOL- I feel like a jerk. Sigh.

  4. I've always felt that to be balanced it is necessary to be a giver and receiver. Most feel more joy in giving but I feel it is very important to be a great receiver and rejoice that we get to be a recipient of God's Love extended from one of his children.

  5. When we were adopting our second daughter my church family surprised us with a surprise party for the adoption. We went to our sister in-laws expecting dessert instead we were greeted with over $5000 in donations to our adoption! Talk about being humbled!

  6. I too have a hard time receiving. It is the way most of us were raised. You give $ if you can, if not that then you support the person as much as possible.

    I wish you luck, health and happiness!