Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lazy Mom Challenge: October is No Fast Food Month

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Stress eating. I do it. Adopting is stressful. Can you guess what I've been doing? I don't just sit at home when I stress eat though. Nope. No sir. I go out and eat. I don't eat cheap fast stuff either. Well I eat that too but I eat at sit down nice places. I think it distracts me.

I believe in God moments. Little signs that God gives me that add up into a big message. Today while I was eating out I read an email about a challenge. A not eating fast food challenge in October. I was intrigued and decided to hop on board but augment it.

For the month of October I will not be eating out. No McDonald's, no Panera, no Thai, no eating out. My waist line will thank me. My wallet will thank me. In fact the money that I normally budget for eating out is going to be re-routed to a stress relieving massage because my arm stopped working a couple of weeks ago. Yep, I stressed so much that I pinched the nerve in my neck.

The good news is that you will all be seeing even more recipes and tutorials because of this. Hubs will be enjoying this because of all the copious amounts of pie in his near future. One must have pie if you cant eat out!

My prayer has been that I will take comfort in the Lord. How about it then folks. Will you join me in this challenge? What would you like me to pray for you about?


  1. I would love to take this challenge too. But We will be eating out for Nick's birthday.. so I'm going to try and do it all but that day. We shall see =)

  2. This is a great idea... I was just thinking about doing this the other day but wasn't committed. But now you have given me some renewed motivation. I'll be doing this as well! Thanks for posting this!!

  3. Good for you!! I do not like eating out... I would rather stay home, but Hubs like eating out at least once a week.

    I went over and took the challenge!

  4. I love that you are taking comfort in the Lord instead of stressing. I tend to stress before I seek God. I need to work on that. I've joined the challenge!

  5. Try not to stress about stress eating as it only makes it worse. The best thing to do is allow yourself some days of eating unhealthy food. That way you won't be getting obscessed about it and it more. What I do is grab the most healthy thing on the menu, even if it is just a smoothie. We don't eat out a lost and when we do, we usually hit a chinese buffet and stick to the healthier options. Good luck!
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