Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fun Stuff For A Toddler

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I am always trying to think of new things that interest Little Bit. Often times the simplest of things are the most entertaining. Today we played a few fun games that I created from things I had around the house.

1. Take a metal cake pan or cookie sheet and give your toddler some magnets. Loads of fun and it helps to teach them about cause. Little Bit was quite entertained by my bottle cap magnets. They were small enough for him to hold and they were not terribly powerful so he could easily manipulate them.

2. The second game we played involved a milk jug and some beads. I had gotten the beads in an attempt to let Little Bit start learning how to thread. It is a little beyond him at this point. I wanted to re-purpose the beads so I thought he might enjoy shaking the beads in the jug. He promptly took the lid off the jug and poured the beads out. I quickly scrambled for more containers. He had a very good time picking up the small beads and putting them into various containers. A great way to encourage fine motor skills.

I love simple games that I can create from objects around the house. Have you come up with any creative diversions for your Little Bits lately?


  1. i am like- th eanit-creative, LOL- but i take them outside and do lots of physcial things with them. i AM active, so i hope that makes up for it! LOL

  2. You are so imaginative! Such fun and simple (not to mention inexpensive) ways to entertain kids! Wish my teens were as easily and cheaply entertained...LOL
    Happy Monday Sweet friend!

  3. great ideals
    we had a small handbroom & dustpan and large lego's & we gave him a few shoe boxes to load and dump and it kept my son busy for hours ...
    Stopping in with tFollow Us Monday Morning Hop =)

  4. It's amazing how everyday things that we usually ignore or don't notice can be the best entertainment for little ones :). Glad to see he had so much fun!

  5. Love the idea with the cookie tray and magnets. Thanks!

  6. the simplest things are often the best for kids. Household items can lead to lots of fun. My girls love magnets - I use them for patterns, math & just fun making things out of them.

    thanks for stopping by & linking up with us on the Sunday Showcase. Hope to see you next week for more fun.