Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Earthquake in Virginia?!?

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Mondays and Tuesdays are Momma's days off. My parents take Little Bit so I spend these days being the maid. I love watching movies while I clean. I like to watch them VERY loudly. I have a bit of hearing damage so I really like to be able to hear the movie when I go into another room.

Today I rented "Priest" on Amazon (we have the TV plugged into the computer) and I turned the volume waaaaay up. I was happily cleaning when the walls started to shake. I thought, that's odd and wondered if the washing machine was off centered. It got worse and the pictures on the wall shook and my whole house vibrated. I have never felt an earthquake before but when the pictures started shaking I figured it out.

Because of my affinity for loud movies I was spared the extra fear from the quake. See God likes that I watch scary movies, well that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Have you ever experienced an earthquake? Did it do anything more than shake the pictures on the wall?


  1. Yes cause I am in Va too! It was nuts. My table shook and my daughter who was 8 was in tears. Scary day.

  2. Yeah the kids are ok now. They were happy when their daddy came home. He works on the 7th floor of his building. He said his chair was rolling. My daughter made me text everyone we knew.

    It was a crazy day. I am glad we have not felt the after shocks.

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  4. I'm from VA, my folks are still there as well as some other family members, crazy stuff! I think every one was really shook up by it (no pun intended).

  5. I used to live in Vancouver, Canada where earthquakes are a daily occur on a regular basis. They are just so tiny you don't really feel them. Once and a while we would have one that was 3.5 or 4.0 and you could feel things shake. What's crazy though is that on the east coast you usually don't have them so I can bet it would be scary!

  6. I'm in central NC. Everyone I know felt it, but me. I was driving through town. I'm really bummed because I've never felt one before and feel like I missed out. lol
    following you from the hop. Have a great day.

  7. We had an earthquake earlier this year and it sounded like a giant was running across our ceiling...my 4 year old just opened his eyes extra wide and asked a few questions after. I think I was the most shaken up.

  8. I've not been in one yet. My son was in CA and he was in bed sleeping when his bed started shaking. He turned over to get mad at who ever it was shaking his bed, but no one was there...freaked him out a bit until he realized it was a earthquake...