Sunday, July 3, 2011

What do I feed a 1 year old?

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Okay I know the obvious answer to this one is food. Check, doing that. Little Bit is a very picky man. His diet currently consists of these foods:


Usually an egg and some toast with butter. From time to time I make him french toast which he really enjoys. Who wouldn't like all that sugar?


a fruit crisp
some fruit


peanut butter on saltines or graham crackers
some fruit


I try to get him to eat whatever Hubs and I are eating but that usually is vetoed. Then we resort to peanut butter crackers and yogurt.

He dislikes veggies most days. I feel rotten for not getting hardly any in there. He does however like fruit which makes me pretty happy. Any suggestions on simple, and probably obvious, things I can add into his repertoire?


  1. blueberry mashed up onto a grahm cracker will work- less sugar and more fruit

  2. try letting him gnaw on some chicken nuggets. Tyson is the best in the won't fall apart to mush yet is still soft enough to let them gumm them down. you can always try the things you wouldn't want. I was floored when my kiddo loved mushrooms. (eeewwww) He had that many days. Just try everything even things that seem un ruly to you. good luck.

  3. Kids, they love sweet stuff and not anything green :) for instance, vege... hahhaa... what I did when my kids were young, i blend the vege and mix them in the broth.. that works!

  4. When my kiddos were that age, they loved instant oatmeal and buttered grits for breakfast, as well as whole wheat toast with mashed banana. For lunch, they ate little homemade pizzas, chicken nuggets, green beans, baked tater tots, turkey breast sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches and PB&J. For dinner, I always offered most of what we were eating but backed it up with veggies they would always eat and fruit. They were seldom offered dessert if at least some veggies weren't eaten. Sugar can ruin their appetite and their immune system, so cut it back as much as possible. Yogurt is a good alternative to puddings and such, and apple sauce was always a hit here, too. Hope I could help!

  5. As big of a pain in the tush as it has become now that our son is turning 3 this month...I have always shared with him what I am eating. For some reason whatever mom has always looks good. He doesn't always like it but he is always game to try.
    For veges have you tried cucumbers? I cut a cucumber in half (a medium size one) peel it to about an inch to 2 inches to the bottom (to hold onto) and my son loves to walk around snacking on his cucumber stick. Its great for teething too since cool cucumber is so soothing. My son actually came up with this idea. I was always cutting him slices and he grabbed a half and said "Peel it please" to me and it has been a fav of his ever since.
    We are a peanut free family because our son is allergic to them. I wish we could do peanut butter. It took him a very long time to eat any meats. Now he has a few he likes. He loves noodles and rice, so I try to make him the brown and wheat versions. Whenever we have pasta or rice with dinner I overmake and put in rubbermaid containers single servings for him usually plain with frozen mixed veges. Its a great help when he isn't interested in out stuffed peppers or seet and sour chicken (some of the older kids favorites).
    Raisins and pretzels are also a great snack and he loves those.
    I hope I have given you a few new ideas...its easy to get stuck in that same old food day after day thing, for grown ups and kids alike. Good luck!
    Heather @

  6. New follower from last week's Thankful for Friends hop. (I'm a little slow this week) :-) I am in the same boat with what to feed my baby. She eats a lot of yogurt and cereals. She's *finally* eating fresh fruits besides bananas, so that is a huge relief!

  7. Visiting from the hop. I'm a new follower.

    Got to the linky too late, but if you aren't following yet, I'd love to have you!

    My son skipped straight to table food at 9 mo, so we did steamed peas, corn, tiny bits of chicken, hot dogs, pieces of meat and cheese, yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, meat roll ups, etc.

    I honestly can't remember how to feed a 1 year old! Lol...guess I'll know in about a year!

  8. My youngest won't eat fresh fruit at all...but he'll eat veggies if they're seasoned and green beans. Have you tried the steamer veggies they have in the frozen foods? My boys both eat the ones with cheese.

  9. This may sound gross, but my kids loved eating cold canned pumpkin. It is sweet and full of vits. Good luck!

  10. Exactly my question everyday. Thanks to this post and thanks to the comments! I got a lot of good ideas :-D

    Spanish Pinay

  11. check out, but really at that age, I pretty much gave them whatever we were eating, just cut up small :D

  12. Does he like mashed potatoes? My kids loved veggies so I didn't have that problem. Can you put yogurt on a veggie and fool him?

  13. We've been making homemade chicken nuggets cause the kids love em, but are grossed out by the "chicken cream nuggets" as Nick calls it. They are baked in the oven on a wire cooling rack over a baking sheet so they are crispy but not fried. =)

    I've got a simple recipe if you want it, just let me know.

    I don't know if he likes pizza, but you can make almost any pizza hide some veggies if you make it home.

    Both of my kids are really picky, although, Nick is the pickiest.. Abby goes through phases where sometimes she just doesn't want to try anything new unless I take a bite before I offer it to her. Like she's trying to make sure it tastes good! =D