Friday, June 17, 2011

Lean Green Mama Update

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I have officially completed one whole week on the Lean Green Mama Online Bootcamp. I have officially turned my breakfast meat free although I still am not brave enough to try those smoothies again. The oatmeal with tons of yummy fruit has steadily been keeping me full longer and longer. I can say with confidence that I have the breakfast down. By just changing the breakfast I managed to loose 3 pounds last week. I know much of that is water but I am still pretty stoked about it.

This week I am adding in a second healthy meal. I chose lunch so I wont shock Hub's system quite yet. I know you read this dear so you have fair warning! Today I made a pot of soup with my own canned tomatoes and juice that Dad and I canned awhile ago. No salt or preservatives there. I threw in some Mrs. Dash, garlic, mushrooms, zucchini, the last of my fresh spinach from my garden, and some beans I had made up awhile ago and frozen. I paired it with a little salad topped with avocado and a few walnuts. It was pretty darn yummy and I have enough soup left to eat leftovers tomorrow.

I am loving this program. I am finally feeling that I may be able to actually loose some weight. I am not dizzy or ravenous. Jennifer wasn't lying when she said that I wouldn't be hungry.

Another one of my assignments this week was to exercise. I H.A.T.E. to exercise. Despise it. Really. After Little Bit and I gardened this morning we took a 15 minute walk. I huffed and puffed but you know what I felt pretty good after I did it. Like I had accomplished something.

So that is my weekly report. Down 3 pounds and moving on to mastering lunch and exercise! If you need to loose at least 20 pounds I highly encourage you to check out Jennifer at Lean Green Mama. Her program is like nothing I have ever tried. Trust me I have tried many things. Have a blessed weekend!


  1. YAY You're doing great! I've lost my Florida vacation weight and am back on track too. Keep it up!

  2. I hate to exercise too but I'm doing it. Did you see that 76 year old woman who was a body builder?
    I'm determined to tone up my body too. Do we need to do a blog hop for all of us who are getting toned and exercising????
    I'm proud of you. Your doing great.

  3. i am also working on losing weight :) good luck to you!

  4. yay! wtg! Its nice to find something that feels "doable" even if not necessarily easy!
    I am going to go check out your friends blog and see if I can take off a few lbs myself!

    new follower from the hop!


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  6. Stopping by from the Alexia Blog hop, would love if you would follow me back

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  8. Good for you!! Maybe you can motivate people like ME! Thanks for stopping in during the Alexa Blog hop and linking up. We have it each week so I hope you come back to link up and comment on my blog. I appreciate it.

    Have a great week, i'm your newest follower and now I'm off to look around your blog.
    xoxo SusieQTpies