Saturday, June 18, 2011

And we have a stress eating disaster...

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Hubs went fishing this morning with my blessing. I love that he is making new friends and finally doing some manly stuff but I miss him. I am lonely. Little Bit is asleep. Instead of eating my yummy soup I ate Little Bit's left over chicken fingers. Were they better than my soup, nope. I was lonely and I ate them. What silly logic.

I hate emotional eating. It's really just silly but it is so ingrained in me. I can't wait for the part of Bootcamp that goes over this issue. Now I am going to forgive myself for being naughty. All is not lost. I can do better for the rest of the day. Hubs will be home soon. Perhaps I will call Susannah and we can go out for coffee this afternoon. Then I wont be lonely anymore! If only I had thought of this 10 minutes ago...


  1. Every body slides. The whole point is that you going to go forward and continue.

    You are right that all is not lost. Your going to do this. I believe in you.

  2. mine is off brewing beer, lol. i hear ya!

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  5. The funny thing about comfort eating is it's not always comforting foods that I choose to eat! It's usually something like your kids leftover chicken

    Visiting from Twisted Scavenger…a new TWIST on blog hopping!
    Thanks, Becky Jane

  6. It's hard to break the vicious cycle. Something triggers stress or boredom or whatever, so you eat "comfort" food. Then you feel guilty that you ate. And because of the guilt, you need more "comfort" food.

    I have been trying to retrain myself to do something else instead of eat when I get bored, stressed, lonely, or whatever may be causing me to want to eat for other reasons then hunger.