Saturday, June 11, 2011

Emotional Eating

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I am an emotional eater. It all started in third grade when my Grandaddy died of cancer. I started eating and I never stopped. How do I stop? Have any of you conquered this beast? I have been trying to pray instead but to no avail. Of course I will continue on with prayer but I would love to hear from someone who has overcome this burden. Thanks so much for the advice. I most truly appreciate it!!


  1. man, i have a 3 year old that steals all my food! LOL plus i work out like crazy. if you love to eat- you gotta work out :)

  2. Lysa Terkeursts book...Made to Crave is helping me!

  3. I once realized I drank chocolate milk as a comfort food. I guess it reminds me of my time as a child but I was stressed one day and made myself a glass and then all of a sudden felt very calm. I realized...chocolate milk = comfort.
    I imagine working out is a good way to control that because your endorphins are pumped.

  4. Make healthier choices? I'm a chocolate sneaker when the kids start to stress me out. Unfortunately, I like Coke/Pepsi when they stress me out too. I'm going to start trying to be better though. Yesterday when I gave them ice cream, I had plain yogurt with strawberries and grapenuts. When I was craving something last night, I had watermelon. Instead of loading my tacos up with cheese last night, I had avocado and tomatoes. Didn't really miss the cheese. I know the avocado still has fat, but at least it's good fat! And I would eat tacos until I burst. I stopped at 3. :)