Friday, April 8, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursdays - Night Time Story Books

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I am a day late on this but I loved the topic so I wanted to share. Bedtime is something that I am proud to say Hubs and I are doing pretty well on. We eat dinner. Then usually Hubs gives Little Bit a bath. After that it's into his pajamas and off to bed. I read him a story and then Hubs does. We wish him goodnight. He talks to himself for a little while and off to night night land by around 7pm.

This took us about the whole first year of his life to figure out and implement. Before that he was a HORRIBLE sleeper. I love bedtime routines. They are a lifesaver!

Now that Little Bit and I go to the library every week we pick up a few books and a movie or two. I read him a book we have gotten from the library. Hubs ALWAYS reads "Good Night Moon" and Little Bit never gets tired of it. Last week I read Little Bit "Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus." We went to the library yesterday and I got him the "Boo Hoo Baby." Let me say I adore those pigeon books. They are hilarious. Definitely more for me than him ;D

What do you read to your Little Bits? Do you rotate like me or do you have a must read like Hubs? Have a fantastic Friday and a blessed weekend!


  1. Loving Your blog.. Amazing Posts..Officially following you from per boost my blog friday hop - hope you can stop by sometime. :))

  2. Hello,
    I am a new follower from the Friday Blog Hop with Home Grown Families.

  3. Following you via GFC thanks to Frugal Novice Friendly Friday!! Great Blog!!

  4. Stopping by from Social Parade!I am your newest follower! We love Mo Willems too! And Goodnight Moon is our special book with our son. We have two copies so my husband can read it to him over the phone when he is away on business!

  5. So sweet, we read together till we finished the Laura Ingles Wilder collection. I guess then they just wanted to read their own. My youngest was just in the past year or so and I miss it. I followed you on gfc and twitter as a new follow. I am trying to grow my gfc as I am just beginning to get mine together.