Thursday, April 14, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday- Toddler Easter Baskets

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Crazy About My Baybah This will be the first year I make Little Bit an Easter basket. Last year he was only 3 months old so I didn't really see the point. The rest of my family did see the point and he got three baskets and I think a bag from Grandma Hubs.

It's really been perplexing me about what to put in a basket for a 15 month old. So far I have a Green Toys™ Fire Truck, a stuffed rabbit that Hubs picked out, and a jump rope. I know your thinking jump rope, seriously? My kid loves ropes. They are the creme de la creme of toys. Of course this is supervised play only but it lights up his life. I also got some cute little eggs decorated like chickens. The question is what to put in the eggs? He is to little for candy so I am racking my brain.

Any other suggestions for me? What did you put in your 1 year old's Easter basket? What are you putting in your kids baskets this year?


  1. My youngest is 18 so we do baskets a bit different. A few years back I started buying her a summer handbag and filling it with a few fun thinks like a book, lip gloss, etc. Somehow I don't think that would work for your little bit of precious. I can't think of anything small enough to fit in the eggs but big enough they wouldn't fit in his mouth. He'll probably just enjoy playing with the eggs.


  2. The little toddler puffs like the sweet potato puffs, corn puffs I can't remember what they're exact name is but they work great for the little ones eggs.

  3. Raisins for inside the eggs. And what about bubbles for the basket?

    Easter isnt soon is it? Cause I havent done a thing to prepare. That means it's a long way off...right?

  4. Following you thru the blog hop! Hope that you'll take some time to check out my blog as well. Have a great day!!