Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Friday!

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Good morning and happy Friday! It's been a long week here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Little Bit is currently cutting at least three teeth. Two of those teeth are his stomach teeth or canines. They are a doozy. He has been SUPER crabby. He wont eat much of anything which adds to his irritation and he isn't sleeping well.

On Wednesday morning I got a call from my Mom that we had to take my Dad to the E.R. She was a wreck. I calmly gathered everything up and went to pick them up. At first they thought it was a heart attack. I was in shock mode I think because I held it together. Finally after a bazillion tests they determined he has bad acid reflux O.o

Praise the Lord for that but I was freaked out. Most of Mom's side of the family flocked to the hospital. They are fantastic when things are tough. I couldn't get in touch with my brothers. One was on business in an area with no cell signal and the other doesn't have a cell and works construction so there is no getting a hold of him. I had to bear the brunt of it and the Lord gave me the strength to do it.

Now I'm tired though. Emotionally drained. What do you do when your running on empty? Don't forget today is the last day to enter for the CSN Stores thirty dollar credit giveaway.


  1. Glad to hear that he's ok! I know what it can be like to have to deal with something like this. I really enjoy reading your site! I'll be back to read more.

  2. Happy friday to you too! Glad your dad was ok. I'm now following and would love a follow back - - the spot for scathing book reviews! Thanks ^_^

  3. What a scare! Glad to hear everything's okay. I just found your blog from Follow Fridays. I'm a new follower! I blog at Work From Home Star.

  4. Glad it was just acid reflux. I found you at Friendly Friday, and I'm following you everywhere (Twitter, Google, and Facebook)!

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  5. What great news that it wasn't his heart at all!
    I have also had a bad time recently with parents and health issues. It can certainly wear you down.

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  7. I can see how acid reflux and gallbladder attacks can be taken as possible heart attacks. Im young, but Ive had that pain and I swear you feel like you're gonna die! Im glad he is ok, though!

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  8. All of that worry is so exhausting! You poor thing!

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  9. That's so horrible when something like that happens. I'm so glad it wasn't anything worse. My dad had a triple bypass a couple of years ago and it was a horrendous time. So glad to be a new follower. x

  10. What a week....the same thing happened to my hubby. He spent the weekend in the critcal care unit at the hospital (because there is a family history)and turned out he had bad acid reflux too. Very scary!! Glad your dad is ok. Now hopefully you can relax a bit.

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  11. I'm so glad your dad ended up ok, though I can imagine how draining that must have been. I hope you find some you time to unwind and relax.