Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Free Thriving Family Magazine

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My favorite family magazine is Thriving Family which is a work of Focus on the Family. I don't normally pay for magazines but I did pay for Thriving Family. I adore this magazine. Most magazines I read them through and tear out anything I really like, put that single page into a binder, and then recycle the rest. I have kept every issue of Thriving Family.

I got a new issue last week and there was a great surprise in it. They have turned this wonderful magazine into a ministry. What does that mean for you? FREE! Of course if you feel led you can give a love offering but if you cant that's okay.

Scoot on over to Focus on the Family and take a minute to sign up for this freebie. Trust me, if you have kids you will thank me. Have a blessed day!!


  1. Done!
    I was just looking for another magazine to add to my Popular Mechanics :)

    Thanks for riding the train today!
    The Survival Mama

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  4. Thanks so much for that post!! Just signed up and will pass it on as well!!

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  5. Ooooh la la! I will have to check it out. We lived in Colorado Springs for 4 years and visited the Focus on the Family headquarters a couple of times. Focus (and Dobson) are really highly esteemed inthe area too and Focus would almost always make a statement about different issues and incidents in the area. So refreshing to hear the news give Dobson's point of view on different topics!!

  6. We receive Thriving and love it! I'm like you...I keep all of them. :o)

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  8. I bought it from my son's Magazine fundraiser last year. I was planning on buying it, but waited to see if the school could make money too. I think that last issue you were talking about was actually my first one. I need to find time to look at it!!

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    I get Thriving Family and love it...A lot of great articles!
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  14. Thanks so much for your super sweet comment! I loved your mint tweet;) I laughed out loud. I am in serious diet mode these days and anything with sugar makes me want to snatch it our of people's hands. So sad:(

  15. new follower and I am a huge fan of thriving family magazine too!!