Friday, February 11, 2011

The Milk Man or Woman is Coming!

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Last Sunday Hubs and I were sitting in the living room when we saw a large white van roll by our window. We don't get a whole lot of truck traffic out here because we live on a dirt road. We being the nosy err, curious people we are strained our necks to see who it was. It was a company called Holy Cow Delivery. Hubs pulled up their website and we were pretty excited about what it was.

It is a home delivery service for local dairy, meat, fruits, vegetables, and other goods. We love the idea of supporting local business. I looked at the prices and they are pretty comparable to organic items at the grocery store. I love buying organic foods for Little Bit. I want to control his exposure to hormones and pesticides as much as possible. I also want to teach him about contributing to local business.

We placed an order for strawberry milk for Little Bit, whole milk for Little Bit, and some half and half for Momma and Papa. All of the milk comes in glass bottles which I think is so neat. They are going to deliver this morning. It reminds me of days of old when the milk man came to your door each week. Guess how much their delivery is? 3.75, isn't that amazing? I will gladly pay that to avoid the HUGE grocery store that eats up 3 hours and makes Little Bit nuts.

I'm really excited about this new service to make my life as a Momma easier. Do you have any services like this or others that make your life easier?


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  2. I think that's just lovely. We still have a milk man, but we live miles from anywhere and he's really handy. I think we'd struggle otherwise! But as a farmer, I can totally appreciate the convenience, not to mention the joy of having a delivery van.

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  3. I love buying from a local farm- it is an initial investment, but it is so much cheaper in the long run!!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! How fun to have a milk man! I've never had milk delivered, but I bet it would be great.

  5. What a great idea! I hope that business thrives.

  6. my family used to get milk delivered to our door while i was growing up. I sure miss it! i loved how it came in glass bottles and it tastes so much better than the store bought milk. i'm a new follower of your cute cute blog!!

  7. Wow, what a throwback! Love it! I have groceries delivered when the kids are sick...but my favorite thing is my weekly farmer's market where we can walk up and get all of our fruit/veg for the week! And the kids love to sample everything along the way! Just found you on Follow Me Friday, looking forward to reading more!

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  9. That sounds amazing! I wish I had something like that here!

  10. Wow, that is great! Fresh is definitely best! :)

    That is cool that they do that! How exciting to have milk delivered in old fashioned glass bottles - I would love it just for the throwback experience, lol!

    I ahve to say I LOVE the pics of the nursery! It looks so adorable! I love colorful dots!

    My girls have always loved Boynton books too! When they were younger we read Pajama Time & The Going to Bed Book every night - they had it memorized and would recite along with me! So fun!
    We read many others but those were 2 of their faves to read right before going to bed!

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    We buy locally, and live in an agriculture heavy area, so what I don't grown, I can get locally in the summer. I'm dying, dying, dying for summer.

    I'm going to see if there's anything like that around here though!