Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little Bit's Nursery

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I love Little Bit's nursery. I wanted to do safari because a year before Little Bit we had lost a baby through miscarriage. I had already purchased some things for our first baby and I wanted to use them in Little Bit's room so I could honor the baby we never got to meet. Those tributary items in the nursery are the switch plate cover and a set of safari prints that I put in black frames. I got both off of Ebay.

The next thing we did was to paint the nursery. Hubs did a fantastic job with this. We bought the paint from Home Depot. It was called pooh bear yellow. I adore it mostly because yellow is my favorite color. Then we decided to update the safari theme by adding the polka dot border. We chose brown, green, and blue and I think it looks fantastic! Next I made the window valance. I took two yards of fabric that had eyelet lace trim around the bottom and trimmed it down, hemmed it up. Presto, instant valance! He did have a matching eyelet lace bed-skirt for the crib but since we have dropped the crib as low as it goes it no longer looks good so I packed it away.

I bought the changing table from JCPenny online. It is monstrous but oh so useful.

I bought the crib from a solid wood furniture store and had them paint it black to match the changing table.

My Mom was always on the hunt for thrift store and consignment shop goodies for the nursery. She found both the bitty baby grand piano (in black, woot!) and the giraffe rocker. I also love that lion on top of his piano. It came from Three Owls Toy Studio
We have named him Larry the Lion.

Inside the room there are many goodies that I have found online. Here Little Bit is looking at his Take Your Pix Board Book. Album You put your own pictures in this special board book and then your little one can enjoy looking at familiar faces without destroying your pictures. Brilliant! We love this item.

Another thing I adore in his room is his birthday crown. Better Than Normal Crowns made this adorable piece especially for Little Bit. It is so well made and he can even play with it because it is made of felt. I will definitely be buying another next year!

That is a look at Little Bit's nursery. I hope you have enjoyed taking the tour!


  1. Its' so cute! Can't wait to share in on The Shopping Mama.


  2. SO cute! I love the theme and the decorations. And the changing table is amazing. Hubby isn't going to be happy when we have our next baby lol. Now that I know where to find that! :)

  3. Very sweet! Love that little piano!
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  4. I love your nursery! Very sweet and love the little pinao also! My nursery is in jungle theme. My guy is 2 but I keep putting off redoing his room to big boy because I just love it so much . I am a new follower, hopped over from follow me chickadee.


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  6. So cute!! I love the polka dots. Jayce has polka dots in her room also. I'm sure Little Bit loves it! Sorry about your first miscarriage. I miscarried before both of my kids. Luckily for me it was at the very beginning. It's hard, but you've done a great thing by honoring your first. I just figured for me, I wouldn't have ended up with the 2 that I have otherwise, although I would have loved all of them anyway. But, the 2 that I have were meant from God. Make sense?

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  8. Love the room..especially the polka dots and the baby grand piano. ;)
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  9. Hi! Y'all did a fantastic job on the nursery! Too cute!! I'm a new follower from the hops and thanks so much for stopping by Kortney's Krazy Life! Please come back and visit anytime!!

  10. So cute..love the black..thank you for stopping by my blog..Splendiferous girls


  11. What a wonderful nursery -- perfect for a little one to be cozy and comfortable!

    I remember how much joy we had planning the nursery for our kids -- such an exciting time :-)


  12. I love it- so exciting! Thanks for the follow- right back at ya!

  13. I am a new follower! I love your nursery, it is perfect! The dots on the wall are lovely!

  14. i luv that changing table. although you describe it as monstrous, you really do enjoy space such as that.

  15. I love it so cute!! The crown is pretty awesome also!! New GFC Follower from the Saturday Stalk Remix~Shari