Saturday, November 20, 2010

30 Day Giving Challenge - Day 17-20

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I was still feeling under the weather for part of this week and did not do much of anything but care for the boy. I did get back on the giving horse with a few little tokens this week. I went to the corner grocery store to get a paper and donated some change to the Ruritan Clubs empty stocking drive. At the drive through I donated a little money to the Ronald McDonald House. Today at the mall I donated some money to St. Judes. This week has been a bit taxing because I haven't felt well. I am kind of running on steam right about now. I guess it all helps but I feel a little disappointed in myself. I know I can give more than change. I need to give service. It's hard to do when your tired. I'm super glad Church is in the morning. I need a good solid refill of God and his people to bring me out of the dumps. Are you still giving? Do you ever get disappointed in yourself?

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