Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thrift Stores and Consignment Shops

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I love thrift stores and consignment shops. It's all my Mom's fault. When I was growing up we were poor. Very poor. We never had much money but my Mom always knew how to stretch a buck. One way she did that was by shopping at second hand stores. I grew up with it. It was normal. Never was ashamed and never felt like I missed out on anything. I had no idea people even thought that way until I met my husband. Nick said he felt weird shopping at these kinds of stores. That they were for poor people. I suppose they are but they are also for frugal people. Often times when you shop at a thrift store the funds go to a charity and with consignment shops they seem to be largely run by Mom's who turned their love of finding bargains into a business. These are both things I gladly support. Today I got some stellar deals while out and about. First we stopped at the Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift Store where I got these:

Converse baby shoes! These cost 19.99 at Toys-R-Us. They were marked for 2$ but they were having a half off sale on shoes today so I scored them for 1$. I am washing them now and I am sure they will come out good as new :D I also got these at the Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift Store:

I paid $2.25 for all this. The little toys were .25 each and the box was 1.25. I am going to put my secret sister's gift at church in this lovely box. I just love pretty boxes! Finally the creme de la creme:

All this for THREE BUCKS! It was in a bag shoved under a table and filled with brand name toys! WooT! From there we headed to a consignment shop I love, Wear It Again Kid. They were running a half off summer clearance sale on toys today. Of course you pay a little more at a consignment shop but the variety is bigger. I got these for 10.99 with tax. Not to shabby!

I wipe all the hard toys down with Clorox wipes and I wash any soft toys or clothes I get from these establishments. I have run across a few things that didn't work or were torn but for the most part I have great success. Do you thrift? Do you love it or dread it? Happy deal hunting!


  1. Oh, my son has those shoes! They are so cute!

    I love thrift store shopping- but only when I can get there w/o my kids, since it takes time to really look.

  2. Little Bit is still to small to be a big distraction so it is still enjoyable. I am sure the day is fast approaching when that will no longer be the case ;D I am so in love with Chuck Taylors. Little Bit has several pairs and I paid full price for the size 2's. I cant pass up cute :D

  3. That is definitely the way to go! Why not save a buck? I grew up getting my stuff at second hand stores too, no shame in it. But, it is funny, because my husband feels the same as yours does. But, then, he doesn't complain when I find some good deals!

  4. You know mine doesn't complain either. In fact his response to my shopping expedition yesterday was "Cool." He just doesn't want to go with me ;D Perhaps it's a man thing, heh.

  5. Ok.. first of all.. I love your blog! I have been reading through your posts and it sounds like we are a lot alike! Secondly, you scored some great deals!! That is awesome. Thirdly, tell your husband that RICH people shop thrift stores because they know how to save.. LOL!

    Finally, you are going to LOVE the Joovy Nook!! Seriously!! I could go on and on about that high chair after having a horrible one! This one does it all and the price is unbeatable! Please keep me posted once it comes! Yay for deals!

  6. Thanks Felicia! I love your blog as well :D Hubs likes to save money and long as I am the one doing it. He is such a stinker. I cant wait to get my Joovy! After the rebate it ended up being under 100$. I am going to do a review for it after I have a chance to play with it a little bit.