Sunday, June 27, 2010

Leap Frog Tag Junior

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As some of you know I am a licensed teacher. I love learning and always have. I used to love to read until my last year of college. It beat the reading right out of me. I want Little Bit to love to read. I have been slowly picking back up my books this week as Little Bit has been sleeping more and I have more energy. Children learn by imitation. Baby see baby do but, educational props never hurt!

One device I really like is the LeapFrog Tag Junior. This device makes learning to read a fun game. It combines technology and learning. Let's face it children are immersed in technology from birth on. Little Bit has his own iPod and he is five months old! Why fight it? As an educator and a parent I know you should use anything at your disposal to engage your children. I have been picking up LeapFrog Tag Junior books as they come on sale. In fact you can print a few coupons for them right now. Go here to get 3$ off a Tag book and go here to get 5$ off the Tag Reading System or you can join me at Jolly Mom and win a Leapfrog Tag Reader. Happy teaching!

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  1. I was so worried that one or more of mine wouldn't be readers but they all have been voracious readers. It is such a wonderful gift to give them.