Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gadget Girl

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Okay this is sort of like eating crow pie but I am a gadget girl. I totally blame this affliction on my dear husband. Before him I didn't own a cell phone, my TV was 13 inches with no cable or satellite, and I didn't even own a computer. In fact I had no idea how to use a computer or surf the web. In short I was a cave woman.

Nick introduced me to the wonderful world of modern conveniences. The first year we were together he bought me a bigger TV for Christmas. Later that year he gave me one of his old computers and paid for internet service. I was hooked. I got a cell phone and satellite TV. My fascination with gadgets has grown over the years.

Today I own an Iphone, a lap top, our computer is hooked up to our wide screen television, and almost every gaming console you can imagine. I like techie toys and so does Nick. The latest gadget I would love to get my hands on is an Ipad. One Savvy Mom! is giving away an Ipad. How cool is that? Tell me are you guys crazy about gadgets? Did your darling husband infect you with this disease or the other way around? Happy nerdiness!


  1. oh yeah. I was the same way. I didn't have a cell phone till my husband(then to-be) gave me his old one. I never would have a smart phone if he hadn't given me his old one when he upgraded to an iPhone. When my husband bought his iPad I was like WTF? But now I totally love it. He usues is ALL of the time and we enjoy playing games on it, I'm wishin I had one of my own.That's the way it always is with technology at our house. :)

  2. I told myself if I won this I would give it to my husband but I am leaning more towards sharing now and I'm sure if I actually won it that sharing would turn to "MINE!" LOL!