Monday, April 19, 2010

Vote For Erica!

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My friend Erica is the reason that I met my wonderful husband. When we were younger she had a group of friends she had met online and through them I was introduced to the man that would be my husband the father of my child. Erica is a super woman. She suffers from arthritis that she has had since childhood. Recently she was nominated as a Richmond SuperMom. A title that she certainly deserves. Here is a little testimonial about Erica:

"Erica is not only an activists for the Arthritis community but she also struggles with the disorder herself. She’s active in the Twitter community, the non-profit sector and an incredible hands on mother of a beautiful little girl. She’s always helping other non-profit organizations that she feels strongly about and is diligent about supporting local charities. She’s an accomplished writer being published right now on and and Hope Care Professionals Live. She received recognition as one of the top 40 under 40 in the October issue of Style Weekly. She is, in my opinion, the perfect example of a woman who boldly mothers and proudly empowers her daughter all while having a chronic illness since the age of eight. She’s amazing."

Please go and vote for Erica Stotler here. It truly only takes a moment. Thank you all so much!



  1. attempt 2 at commenting, I love you and Nick! thanks for posting this for me. Hope all is well with you and your family

  2. Tagged you :)