Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentines Day with a newborn?

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We have been home for a few days now with our new arrival and let me tell you it is exhausting and exhilarating. I love our new family. I love being a Mommy, but I also love being a couple. Our pastor was kind enough to give us a book on raising families. It encompasses medical, spiritual, and practical aspects of parenting. One section we read outlined the importance of retaining your intimacy with your spouse. The book made a very good point, once your child leaves your family returns to just you and your spouse. It is vital to retain your relationship with your spouse even in the early years. So the question becomes how in the world do you do such a thing with a newborn?

One of the blogs I read had a terrific idea about date night at home. We can do that! Grab a take out dinner from a decent restaurant, put some nice flowers on the table, and open a great bottle of wine! Yep sounds like a Valentines Day plan for a couple with a newborn. Well I am hoping that frugalicious will help us out! They are offering up a giveaway for fifty dollars in flowers from 1-800 flowers, a 40$ gift card to Darden restaurants, and 10$ gift card to Ben and Jerry's. If I win then we will have a lovely take home dinner from Olive Garden, some beautiful flowers on our table, and I will give Nick the 10$ gift card to Ben and Jerry's as a Valentines Day present. Wish me luck in preserving the romance!


  1. Thanks for the post about the giveaway! Good luck! And congrats on the new arrival. It IS exhausting and exhilarating, but oh SO worth it! - Misty with Frugalicious -

  2. You'll do it! ;) It's not easy but it's great :D