Friday, February 5, 2010

Gifts for Momma

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I love to shop. It is therapeutic for me. Having a newborn greatly restricts ones ability to go out and peruse the mall. What is a Momma to do? Enter giveaways that allow her to shop at home of course! I ran across an awesome giveaway at The Stylish House that is offering up a 200$ gift card to the Pottery Barn. WaHoO! I love me some Pottery Barn. We have an outlet mall an hour and a half away and one of the stores I must go to is the Pottery Barn. If you have ever shopped there though you know it is quite pricey. Having that 200 dollars will ensure that I can buy something pretty fabulous. Happy shopping all!


  1. Nice giveaway! :) Thanks for blogging about it!


  2. A belated congratulations on Gabriel's arrival - how exciting! I hope all is going well... and the fact that you're still online means you must be getting a least a little bit of sleep...

    And, mmmm, Pottery Barn. Is there anyone who DOESN'T love it? They must be crazy.

  3. A newborn how wonderful, congrats!!
    Thanks for entering & entering & entering and spreading the word about my PB Giveaway. You were a busy gal, but this way you have more chances to win.
    P.S. The gift card is good at their online store, so your fingers can do the walking...Good Luck!!!