Wednesday, February 10, 2010


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First let me say that my two week old is an overachiever. He is in the 95th percentile for height and weight, he already tracks objects, and he is a natural at nursing! Genius baby alert :D I am not partial, well maybe a little...

Any who a few days before we went in for the C-Section Nick and I went in to the hospital supply store and rented a big momma jamba breast pump. You know the ones that feel like they are removing your breasts from your body? Well the industrial strength breast remover costs 55$ a month to rent and you don't even want to know how much it costs to buy. We decided that if nursing went well we would invest in a pump.

Today I found a blog that is giving away an awesome breast pump! Familylicious Reviews & Giveaways is giving away a Hygeia EnJoye-LBI breastpump . The pump comes with all kinds of nice features. One of the coolest is the Hygeia CARE Button for Customized, Audio, Recording, Experience so you can record your baby or other sound to enhance your breastpumping experience. How cool is that?

I would love, love, love to win this pump. I plan on feeding little man breast milk until he is a year old. To do that I will need to switch him to breast milk in a bottle when he starts getting teeth, because Momma does not want to get bitten! It would also be nice if Nick could get in on feeding little bit. We need to get a pump before renting this breast remover sends us into bankruptcy ;D

If I don't win this wonderful pump what kind of pumps do/did you use? Any suggestions? Happy pumping!


  1. That sounds like an awesome giveaway for a new mom! I hope you win it! I hate breastpumps though... I mean... they are necessary but... I hate them... :)

    Congrats on your baby! I know! All moms think their kids are geniuses... weird!!! and biased!!! I know mine is though! *snort*

    So... you had a big baby??? YAY!!! I was so happy my baby was big too! I think I would've been scared to "handle" a tiny one... my baby's charts have always been 97% (she is now 18mo) and trust me... I am happy and everything... and it was great she was big when she was just born... but... SHE IS SO HEAVY NOW! -sigh-

    There is nothing better than going to the Pediatrician and hear them say how well they are doing! am I right?


  2. I know what you mean about hating them. I am using the rented one more frequently now and it really is not a glamorous thing, ;D

    My baby is a genius I'm telling you! He already rolled unto his side. That is impressive if I do say so myself. We should form a club for Moms of genius babies because we clearly have 2 of the five percent of humans who are gifted, hehe!

    I am glad he is big. Nick is a big guy and I am afraid he would have dropped an itty bitty baby. My little ten pound weight so Mommy can get buff. Well heres hoping anyways...

  3. hello there - thanks for dropping by whoop whoop. I hope you don't mind me saying ... but the teeth thing is a myth ... babes don't bite .. I breastfed for four consecutive years - tandem feeding too - a 22 month and a new born until they were 3 1/2yrs and 2 years and might have got bitten in total three times ...

    I was lucky and never needed bottles or a pump - I had major over supply in the early days .. plus I worked from home mostly in the first 12 months so could be accessible ...

    your babe is destined to a great start as breast is best if you are able - as you are .. my poor mum could not feed any of us four ... and it took me three months and two bouts of mastitis to make it happen the first time ... you and your babe are stars :) best le

  4. I've never had the pleasure (ha!) of trying one of the industrial pumps, but laughed when you wrote about it sucking your boobs off! I had a Medela Swing, just a single pump that was very portable and it worked well for me. I stayed at home with my son, so I didn't need the big double pump at work or anything.

  5. I think I may end up buying the single pump version. I am a stay at home Momma now and I don't really like trying to do both at the same time. I can't seem to get the hang of the hands free pumping. I was looking at the Madela's. Everyone seems to really like this brand and the single pumps are so much cheaper!