Monday, September 3, 2012

Homeschool Portfolio and Progress

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A few weeks ago Little Bit and I began our homeschooling journey. He has been doing well and I have already learned so much about schooling my little boy.

I've learned that there is no way in you know what that my son is going to sit for more than five minutes at a time for an activity. Our lessons are very fluid and flexible. In fact, I mostly just have a list of the weeks objectives in my mind and roll them out whenever an opportunity presents itself.

I've also learned that the timetable created for this curriculum will not work for my son. Even though he is a fast learner we are involved in so many activities that one week is not enough time to complete the unit. I am currently working on a two week plan. I feel less stressed and I think Little Bit has more time to absorb the information.

Before my life as a Momma I was a teacher. That background has been very helpful. One thing that sprung to mind was creating a homeschool portfolio. The state of Virginia does not currently require homeschooled parents to produce a portfolio of their child's work to prove progress. Those laws can always change. Another thing that I like about keeping a portfolio is to show progress to skeptical family members. Colleges might also be impressed with a portfolio of work spanning a lifetime. Lastly, their something to be said to creating such a precious memento of your child's development.

I am currently considering doing a large three ring binder with sheet protectors for each year we homeschool. It seems to me the best way to keep things nicely organized and easily accessible. Do you have any other ideas for how to retain so much information in a logical way? Do you keep a portfolio of your children's work?


  1. I kept two binders with plastic sheet protectors. One I used for my extra copies of each worksheet or project instructions sheets. This was great for my second third and forth children. I had a second binder for their work. When each child became high school age we sent them to public school. I was able to provide the school with as much proof of work completed as they could ask for. After the first two children the school system did not ask for the last two childrens work. I wish you the best in your homeschooling.

  2. Whew!!! You make me tired just thinking about homeschooling and keeping up with your housework. Kudos to you for all your hard work.

  3. I am a big advocate for homeschooling. Best wishes to your decision and I know you will be great as Little Bit's teacher.

  4. K's teacher in Pre-K kept a binder with all of his work throughout the year and gave it to him at the end of the school year...he still pulls it out and loves looking at his work! I'm sure Little Bit would love having that memento too :)

    I saw an idea the other day to scan in kid's artwork, make it smaller and make a collage or something similar to print out so there's less bulk...this was to hang up, but it would probably work in a binder too.