Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Pinterest Finds

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This week I have been pining for fall and worrying about my child's attitude. You can kind of see a theme of these two trains of thought via my Pinterest picks.

A lovely pumpkin bird feeder from Play Create Explore

A great article about children with anger issues by Creative With Kids

An ebook that I simply must read
A creepy mouse infested pumpkin from Martha Stewart's website

And some adorable dolls from Gund that I entered to win over at Busy At Home for Sissy

That's what I've been pinning this week. What was the coolest thing you found on Pinterest this week? Are you pining for fall like me? Have a blessed weekend everyone!


  1. What a cool bird feeder. I wonder if the birds peck at the pumpkin after the seeds are gone

  2. I am longing for Fall as well! It is so hot here. I will have to check out the article. I have 6 boys. My older 3 are ages 23, 21 & 18. They are from my first marriage. My oldest son went through several years of anger and attitude. He started this when he was a preteen and it lasted until he was around sixteen. I dealt with it in several different ways. My three youngest boys (from my second marriage) are ages 2 and twins that are 9 months old. My 2 year old does suffer from anger issues at times. I hope it is not leading to something more aggressive.

    New follower here from FBH!

  3. OHh I love the last one for Halloween! Very cute idea!

  4. I have found a fairy garden made from a terra cotta pot.

  5. I'm a big fan of Halloween and love all things pumpkin. I love your bird feeder and may try that out in my yard.

  6. At first I was kind of alarmed and grossed out by the mouse pumpkin but I kind of like's definitely different :)