Monday, June 25, 2012


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It's been awhile. Things are crazy. At first my lack of posting was due to sheer laziness and enjoying the gentle pace of summertime. Last week the carefree times came to a quick end. My Dad called me and said we needed to take my Mom to the emergency room.

 Five hours after arriving at the hospital she was admitted. The next morning she had surgery to drain a HORRIBLE infection. We would later find out that infection was a nasty staph infection and it came very close to killing my Mom.

During our stay we have also found out that Mom has very bad type 2 diabetes. With insulin pills and shots her sugars are still in the high 100's to low 200's. Of course the infection is not helping those numbers.

As of tonight Mom is still in the hospital. They have attached her to a machine that is draining the infection over the next month or so. When she is released we will be taking her to the hospital three times a week to have the machine drained and the wound re-packed.

My prayer for Mom through this is that Mom will draw close to the Lord. That she will rely of His grace and mercy. That she will let Him lead her life.

My prayer for me is that I will be strong and compassionate. That I will diligently serve and show everyone around me the love of Christ through my actions.

I've missed you all. I hope to catch up soon!


  1. I am sending prayers your way. I wish you the best. I hope your week gets better.

  2. Holy smokes...I was just about to e-mail you wondering if you were doing ok since you hadn't posted in a while, then I saw your post.

    Your poor mom! That's a lot to take in all at once, and it's a lot for you and the rest of your family all at once. Hang in there! Wishing the best for your mom especially, but everyone in your family as you all pull together to help her through this.

  3. So sorry to hear about your Mom. Please know I am thinking about both of you and wishing you well. It hurts to see our loved ones in pain.