Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weight Watchers Weigh In Day: Week Three

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No loss and no gain. Normally I would be devastated by the lack of progress. Strangely for me I am at peace with it. Like I told you last week there were so many opportunities to be naughty last week. I had kettle korn and a hamburger mingled with the fact that I seemed to be a ravenous beast last equaled no loss and no gain this week. I did stay on the program all week but I did not meet my goal of a day of structured exercise.

This week is already feeling better. Today I mastered black coffee! It even tasted good. A life without coffee was not an option so I had to wean myself off the yummy flavored creamers. Again, my goal this week will be exercise. Hubs is a member of one of those 24 hour gyms in our little town 10 minutes away. I don't like the itty bitty gym as it has no classes. I am a class kind of gal. Having a teacher is a great appeal to me in all learning situations. In the big town 30 minutes from our house is the sheer awesomesauce gym. I was a member there about a year or so ago. They have childcare, an indoor pool, all the equipment you can imagine, an inside walking ring, and load of classes. I loved it.

What I didn't love is the drive. I really dislike driving. In fact, when I was pregnant I developed a fear of driving and Hubs had to chauffeur me around. I know myself and I know I wont go to the gym if Hubs doesn't drive me. Now that he is working from home this would be perfect if it weren't for the time left on his contract at the other gym. We will be praying what to do about that and if you have any suggestions please let me know! I'm praying for a better week filled with loads of veggies, black coffee, and exercise!

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  1. Congrats - no weight loss is great when it means no gain. And since you know exactly what temptations you passed up, you should feel great.