Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weight Watchers

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If you know me or have read my blog for awhile you know that I struggle with my weight. It is a constant battle that I always feel I am loosing. I loose it and gain it. You all know the cycle. Last week I got a flyer in the mail for free registration for Weight Watchers.

Today, I decided to give it a go. I went to a meeting and really enjoyed it. I also like the new way that they do the points system. I had tried Weight Watchers years ago on my own and had zero success with it. I think that I am missing that vital component of support. I am praying that the structure of Weight Watchers paired with the support of the meetings will be what I need to finally shed some of this weight.

Have any of you used Weight Watchers? Were you successful with it? Did you go to the meetings or try it on your own?


  1. I have never used weight watchers, I wish I could take a little of your weight if you wanted to give it away.

    Are we ever happy with our weight, be it thinner or heavier?

    In pictures I see of you. I think you look GREAT!!

  2. That is so awesome. I really like Weight Watchers. I lost 40 pounds on Weight Watchers about 4 years ago. I stopped going when my daughter in law moved away. She was my weight loss buddy. I tried going with out her and in the end I was just too uncomfortable alone. I wish you the best of luck.

  3. I really liked Weight Watchers. I lost 25 lbs. I joined their online program. I loved being able to track my points throughout the day on the computer.

    You can do it!!!

  4. Wanted to add this second comment as I catch up on your posts. My wife has been on Weight Watchers now for over a year. She lost over over 100lbs and I've now lost almost 60lbs by just following what she's eating. It's been great and we continue to do it.

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