Friday, February 24, 2012

Iced Coffee and Cabin Fever

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Little Bit is coming off yet another round of ickiness. Poor guy. This morning he still wasn't eating but was certainly heading in the right direction. We played, he drank some milk, and he still had a case of the grumpies. I even tried laying him down for a super early nap. It was a no go.

I was out of ideas. Then it came to me. Perhaps he has cabin fever? I asked him if he wanted to go bye bye. He said "bye, bye" and headed towards the door. We grabbed our stuff and headed out. Where to? Target of course!

One of the Targets in town has a Starbucks. The perfect solution to soothe my frazzled nerves after a long morning of whining. I tried to bribe Little Bit to eat some oatmeal. Alas, it was a no go. We did however have a nice time out and Little Bit was much happier.

Do you and your kids get cabin fever? Where is your go to spot to cure a bad case of cabin fever?


  1. I remember when I lived in the Northern States having Cabin Fever. We would either travel to my mom's house for a visit or browse in some stores. It always felt good to just get out of the house.
    We have a Starbucks close by here and I visit it just to enjoy the atmosphere there.

  2. what about the park? it's been warm-ish here, maybe by you too?

  3. My kids always loved trips to the library on icky days. Glad you found a way to break up the ickies for both of you! :)